Jesus, the Son of God -engl. Jeesus, Jumalan poika
Jesus, the Son of God -engl. Jeesus, Jumalan poika
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Ed. Tapio Holma, English ed. Paul Waaraniemi. Stories of Jesus 1. The first book contains stories of Jesus’ life and work before the passion week.

Kertomuksia Jeesuksen syntymästä, lapsuudesta ja julkisesta toiminnasta ennen kärsimysviikkoa.

The events are told but not explained. The purpose is to encourage the listener or reader to ask about things they do not understand. The illustrations by Riitta Luiro make the stories more accessible and hopefully arouse a desire to know more. These stories can be read at home, but they are also suitable material for Sunday School, Day Circle and religious instruction at school. The stories have been written by the editor, Tapio Holma, as well as Hannu Haverinen, Mauno Hepola, Erkki Hirvisuo, Matti Raulamo, Teemu Riihimäki, Väinö Wirtanen and Raimo Österberg. Translation by Paul Sorvo.

Book is narrated by Mary Hillukka (1 audio cds included).

ISBN/ISRC/ISMN: 978-951-843-098-1
Published in: 2007
Published by: SRK/LLC
Edition: 1.
Pages: 47
Size: 251 × 175 × 8 mm

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